Railway Nursing Officer Recruitment Exam Question-2021

Railway Nursing Officer Recruitment Exam Question-2021 Part 3

The Railway Staff Nurse/ Nursing Officer Recruitment Examination will be conducted soon after the Online Application process gets completed. So Be ready to face the Online Test of Nursing Officer Exam conducted by Railway Recruitment Board 2021.

Here we published few Nursing Questions and the Answers also provided after 10 Questions. Kindly refer the answer below, If you have any doubt comment below. More Model Question Answers available at www.nursingwork.in The previous Question answers of Central Railway Southern Railway Eastern Railway Western Railway and Northern Railway Nursing Staff Recruitment Exam is available at www.nursingwrittentestquestions.blogspot.com

Question No.1. Which of the following should be specifically observed in a client receiving cisplatin?
(a) Skin rashes
(b) Vomiting
(c) Diarrhoea
(d) Peripheral neuropathy

Question No.2. Benedict’s test in a urine sample is done for the detection of
(a) Acetone

(b) Glucone
(c) Bile salt

(d) Urine protein
Question No.3. Maximum amount of medicine that can be injected intramuscularly
(a) 1 ml

(b) 2 ml
(c) 5 ml