2021 Staff NUrses and Nursing Officers Recruitment Exam Nursing related Question Answers 2021

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1. While conducting the mental status examination of a client with Schizophrenia, he says that “I am being followed, they are watching my every move”. The nurse interprets this statement as
(a) Delusion of persecution
(b) Delusion of grandiosity
(c) Delusion of jeolouse
(d) Delusion of love

2. A client with major depression is to be discharged home tomorrow. While discussing the discharging advice with the client, which of the following points should be most important?
(a) Future plans for going back to work
(b) A conflict encountered in his home which leaded into depression
(c) Results of psychological testing
(d) Medication management with out patient follow up
3. A client with diagnosis of bipolar disorder, states to the nurse that “I am the president of India, obey me”. The nurse interprets this statement as a disorder of
(a) Psychomotor behavior
(b) Thought content
(c) Mood and affect
(d) Attitude towards nurse

4. Extrapyramidal symptoms are the side effect of
(a) Antipsychotics

(b) Antidepressants
(c) Barbiturates

(d) Sedative hypnotics
5. Therapeutic serum level of Lithium is

(a) 0.8 – 1.6 mEq/L

(b) 1 -2 mEq/L
(c) 0.5 – 1 mEq/L

(d) 0.6 – 1.2 mEq/L

6. Acute confusional state caused by some illness or drug toxicity which is often reversible is called
(a) Delirium (b) Dementia
(c) Hysteria (d) Amnesia

7. The condition in which the individual runs away from home, forgets his entire past, but not his basic skills and starts a new life with a new name, is called as
(a) Dissociative conversion disorder
(b) Dissociative fugue
(c) Somatoform disorder
(d) Dementia
8. Sexual arousal with non-living object is called
(a) Voyeurism (b) Frotteurism
(c) Necrophilia (d) Fetishism

9. Which of the following is not a live attenuated vaccine?
(a) Mumps

(b) OPV
(c) Influenza (d) Rabies vaccine

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