AIIMS Nursing Officer Exam Questions- 2021

AIIMS Nursing Officer Recruitment Model Question Answers published below. Before attending AIIMS Examination You must know How to prepare for AIIMS Staff Nurse Exam

Question No. 1. While performing the obstetric assessment for a client at 36 th week of gestation, the nurse should expect fundal height as
(a) at the level of ambilicus
(b) 6 cm above ambilicus
(c) 6 cm below xiphisternum
(d) At the level of xiphisternum

Question No. 2. The Bone which is known as ‘beauty bone’ is
(a) Scapula (b) Sternum
(c) Clavicle (d) Mastoid

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Question No. 3. The nurse is performing a pervaginal examination on a 6 week pregnant mother. The nurse observes there is blue-purple discoloration of the vagina. She identifies this as
(a) Chadwick’s sign (b) Hegar’s sign
(c) Goodell’s sign (d) Osiander’s sign

Question No. 4. Which of the following is not a pancreatic enzyme?
(a) Trypsin (b) chymotypsin
(c) Pepsin (d) Carboxypeptidare

AIIMS staff nurse exam solved question paper
Question No. 5.  Papanicolaous smear is performed during the initial prenatal examination for a pregnant mother in order to detect
(a) HPV infection
(b) Crevical neoplasia
(c) Herpes virus infection
(d) Syphillis