CG Vyapam Staff Nurse Previous Year Question Paper

CG Vyapam Staff Nurse Previous Year Question Paper- The Question Answers of CG Vyapam Staff Nurse Exam is published here. more Nurisng Question Answers available at and

Question No.1. A 22 year female client sometimes behaves like a 5 year old child and shows aggressive behavior. She describes it as an “out of body experience”. The nurse suspects that the client may be suffering from
(a) Dissociative amnesia
(b) Dissociative fungus
(c) Dissociative identity disorder
(d) Gender identity disorder
Question No.2. Which of the following is not an example of non probability sampling?
(a) Purposive sampling
(b) Convenience sampling
(c) Quota sampling
(d) Simple random sampling

CG Vyapam Staff Nurse Previous Year Question Paper
Question No.3. Which of the following is the most common data collection instrument in nursing research
(a) Questionnaire
(b) Discussion
(c) Measurement
(d) Observation
Question No.4. An index that summarizing the degree of relationship between two variables, is known as
(a) Correlation
(b) Co-efficient
(c) Standard deviation

(d) Normal deviation
Question No.5 The right atrioventricular valve in the heart is a
(a) Bicuspid valve (b) Tricuspid valve
(c) Semilunar valve (d) Mitral valve

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Question No.6. Right ventricular enlargement due to pulmonary problem is called
(a) Cardiac tamponade
(b) Corpulmonale
(c) Cardiomyopothy
(d) Emphysema
Question No.7. The difference between systolic and diastolic
B.P. is called
(a) Pulse deficit
(b) Pulse pressure
(c) Mean arterial pressure
(d) Peripheral vascular resistence
Question No.8. T-tube drainage is used after
(a) Lobectomy
(b) Biliroth-I
(c) Cholecystectomy
(d) Ileostomy
Question No.9. The specific intervention is secondary prevention is
(a) Early diagnosis
(b) Health promotion
(c) Disability limitation
(d) Rehabilitation
Question No.10. Destruction of all micro organisms including their spores is called
(a) Disinfection
(b) Sterilisation
(c) Antisepsis
(d) Asepsis

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