BSc Nursing MSc Nursing Tutor Recruitment Question Answers

BSc Nursing MSc Nursing Tutor Recruitment Question Answers-2021


Question No. 1.    The typical pain in lumbar intervertibral disc herniation which radiates to the hip and down to the leg is known as
(a)    Angina
(b)    Impringent syndrome
(c)    Pesplanus
(d)    Sciatica

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Question No. 2.    Normal level of serum uric acid is
(a)    2.5 – 8 mg/dL    (b)    2 -3 mg/dL
(c)    9 – 11 mg/dL    (d)    4.5 – 5.5 mg/dL
Question No. 3.    After the procedure of cystoscopy, which of the following complaint by the client should be informed to the physician?
(a)    Leg cramps
(b)    Burning on urination
(c)    Increased frequency of urination
(d)    Bright red colored urination

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Question No. 4  A nurse is caring a client acute renal failure. While screening the laboratory values which of the following is not expected?
(a)    Increased blood urea nitrogen
(b)    Decreased serum creatinine
(c)    Hyperkalemia
(d)    Decreased bicarbonate level
Question No. 5.    Which of the following is an early manifestation of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia?

(a)    Post voidal dribbling
(b)    Hematuria
(c)    Decreased force of urinary stream
(d)    Dysuria

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Question No. 6.    While administering sulfonamide antibiotics, it is recommended to increase the fluid intake. What is the reason behind this?
(a)    Sulfonamides may cause crystalluria
(b)    Sulfonamides changes color of urine to brown.
(c)    Sulfonamides causes dysuria
(d)    Sulfonomides may cause photosensitive reactions
Question No. 7.    Development of psoriatic lesions at the site of an injury is termed as
(a)    Kobner phenomenon
(b)    Erysipelas
(c)    Shingles
(d)    Cellulitis

Question No. 8.    Which of the following chemical is used to test urine for albumin
(a)    Ammonium sulphate
(b)    Sodium nitropruside
(c)    Acetic acid
(d)    Liquor ammonia