Nursing Questions for Recruitment Exam

Question No. #1 . Which of the following reasons is the most important, as well as the most widely

accepted, reason for nurses using nursing process?

A. Increase the unique body of knowledge known as nursing.

B. Help clients meet their actual and potential health problems.

C. Communicate with other members of the team.

D. Standardize the care of clients with the same diagnoses.

Answer: C

Question No. #2 . The primary source of data for the client’s database is which of the following


A. nurse’s recording of health history

B. recent clinic or hospital records

C. physician’s history and physical

D. Client

Answer: B & D

Question No. #3 . The physician writes an order for “progressive ambulation, as tolerated.” The RN

writes an order for “Dangle for 5 min. 12 h post op and stand at bedside 24 h post op.”

The LVN assigned to care for this client should do which of the following?

A. Call the physician for clarification of the ambulation orders.

B. Check with the State Board of Nursing for an opinion.

C. Check client’s vital signs before dangling or standing client.

D. Dangle or stand client only if they are agreeable to this.

Answer: C

Question No. #4 . When reading the nursing-care plan of a newly assigned client prior to caring for

this client, the LPN/LVN will notice that potential problems are stated using how many

parts in the statement?

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

D. Four

Answer: B

Competitive AIIMS nursing officer Solved Question Paper 21

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