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DHA questions and answers for nurses

DHA questions and answers for nurses- The DHA Exam is a 3 Hours Exam for Nurses which cosist of 150 Multiple choice Questions, You have to choose a best Answer out of four options. To pass in this exam you need to score minimum 90 Marks out of 150 marks. which is 60% score to pass a DHA Exam. The following are the sample questions for DHA Exam. Many more question answers available at www.nursingwork.in and www.nursingwrittentestquestions.blogspot.com

DHA Exam Question No. #1201.

In caring for a woman and baby day 3 postnatally, she tells you that her baby has not had a bowel action since delivery. Your appropriate response would be:

A. Reassure the mother that it is quite normal for a baby to not move their bowels until day 5 after a few days of milk feeding
B. Start a bowel chart, document all findings, and wait another 48 hours before reporting to the physician
C. Encourage more frequent warm baths for the neonate with gentle abdomen massages
D. Tell the mother that you will let the physician know, so the baby can be checked for any obstruction

Answer : Option D

DHA Exam Question No. #1202.

Order: Allopurinol 450 mg p.o. daily. Drug availablE.Allopurinol 300 mg scored tablets. Which of the following will you administer?

A. 0.5 tablet
B. 1.5 tablets
C. 2 tablets
D. 2.5 tablets

Answer :Option B

DHA Exam Question No. #1203.

A nurse is making rounds taking vital signs. Which of the following vital signs is abnormal?

A. 11 year old male – 90 b.p.m, 22 resp/min. , 100/70 mm Hg
B. 13 year old female – 105 b.p.m., 22 resp/min., 105/60 mm Hg
C. 5 year old male- 102 b.p.m, 24 resp/min., 90/65 mm Hg
D. 6 year old female- 100 b.p.m., 26 resp/min., 90/70mm Hg

Answer :Option B

DHA Exam Question No. #1204.

After application of a cast in the upper extremity, the patient complains of severe pain in the
affected site. Which of the following would the nurse initiate?

A. Administer analgesics as ordered
B. Assess neurovascular status
C. Notify his physician
D. Pad the edges of the cast

Answer : Option B

DHA questions and answers for nurses

DHA Exam Question No. #1205.

A patient arrived to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) complaining of pain after undergoing a right total hip arthroplasty. Which of the following should the nurse do to assess the patient’s level of pain?

A. Determine the patient’s position during surgery and how long the patient was in this position
B. Inspect the dressing, note type and amount of drainage, and insure bandage adhesive is not pulling on skin
C. Ask anesthesiologist what type of anesthesia patient received and last dose of pain medication
D. Note location, intensity and duration of pain and last dose and time of pain medication

Answer : Option D

DHA Exam Question No. #1206.

The nurse should suspect that a patient has bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal tract
when the color of the patient’s stool is:

A. Yellow
B. Black
C. Clay
D. Red

Answer : Option B

DHA Exam Question No. #1207.

To promote accuracy of self-monitoring blood glucose by patients the nurse should:

A. Retrain patients periodically
B. Direct patients to rotate testing sites
C. Advise patients to buy new strips routinely
D. Compare results from patient’s meter against lab results

Answer : Option A

DHA Exam Question No. #1208.

The nurse should observe for which of the following symptoms in a patient who has just undergone a total thyroidectomy:

A. Weight gain
B. Depressed reflexes
C. Muscle spasm and twitching
D. Irritable behavior

Answer : Option C

DHA Exam Question No. #1209.

To ensure safe practice during defibrillation, the nurse must:

A. Cover paddles with electrode gel
B. Avoid touching the patient’s bed
C. Remove paddles after the shock
D. Synchronize prior to shock delivery

Answer : Option B

DHA Exam Question No. #1210.

The patient has a nursing diagnosis of altered cerebral tissue perfusion related to cerebral
edema. An appropriate nursing intervention for this problem is to:

A. Elevate the head of the bed 30 degrees
B. Provide a position of comfort with knee flexion
C. Provide uninterrupted periods of rest
D. Ensure adequate hydration with mannitol

Answer : Option A


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