Electrical Engineering Questions 2022

Electrical Engineering Questions 2022

The Electrical Engineering Questions asked in Electrical Engineering Diploma holder/ Electrical Foreman recruitment is published below. You can also find the answers in another post published at www.rightjobalert.com

Electrical Engineering Questions- 2022– Part 1

Electrical Question No.#1. The sensitivity of an oscilloscope depends on
(A) gain of vertical amplifier (B) gain of horizontal amplifier
(C) sweep generator (D) None of the above

Electrical Question No.#2. Power loss can be considerably reduced while testing energy meter by
(A) direct lamp loading (B) direct resistance loading
(C) phantom loading (D) direct R-L loading

Electrical Question No.#3. Speed of rotation of Induction type energy meter can be controlled by
(A) adjusting the position of braking magnet
(B) reversing the supply terminals
(C) reversing load terminals
(D) None of the above

Electrical Question No.#4. The aquadag coating in CRO is used to collect
(A) primary electrons (B) secondary emission electrons
(C) both (A) and (B) (D) None of the above

Electrical Question No.#5. When two processors 1 and 2 executing the same instruction set and under identical conditions then a same input program running on second processor takes 25% less time but incurs 20% more clock cycles per instruction as compared to the program running on first processor. If the clock frequency of first processor is 1 GHz, then the frequency of second processor is
(A) 1.1 GHz (B) 1.03 GHz
(C) 2.3 GHz (D) 1.6 GHz

Electrical Engineering Questions– Part 2

Electrical Question No.#6. In 8085 assembly language, a sequence of two registers that multiplies the content of DE register pair by two and stores that result in HL register pair is
40. Find the resolution of a 10-bit analog to digital converter for an input range of 10 V.
(A) 97.7 mV (B) 9.77 mV
(C) 0.977 mV (D) 977 mV
Electrical Question No.#7. With available head of 1 m to develop 1 HP power output from a hydroelectric power plant, the speed at which the turbine will rotate is called
(A) Specific speed (B) Synchronous speed
(C) Asynchronous speed (D) Actual speed

Electrical Engineering Questions 2022

Electrical Question No.#8. A moderator which is used in nuclear power plant to slow down the fast moving neutrons should have
(A) High molecular weight (B) High fishing property
(C) High neutron weight (D) Low molecular weight

Electrical Engineering Question No.#9. A conductor is composed of seven identical copper strands, each having a radius of 2 cm. Then the self GMD of the conductor will be
(A) 2.77 cm (B) 2.177 cm
(C) 4.35 cm (D) 4.12 cm

Electrical Question No.#10. An over current relay of current rating 5 A and setting 150% is connected to a 200/5A
CT. Then the line current required to pick up the relay is
(A) 200 A (B) 150.5 A
(C) 300 A (D) 320 A

Electrical Engineering Questions– Part 3

Electrical Question No.#11. The most appropriate way of mitigating the problem of interference between power line and communication line is to
(A) Transpose the power line (B) Transpose the communication line
(C) Use double circuit power line (D) Use bundled conductor power line

Electrical Question No.#12. What will be the nature of fault if a power system is subjected to a fault which makes the zero sequence component of actual current equal to zero ?
(A) LG fault (B) LL fault
(C) LLLG fault (D) LLG fault

Electrical Engineering Question No.#13. Which of the following stability is increased with the use of high speed circuit breakers in power system ?
(A) Frequency stability (B) Steady state stability
(C) Transient stability (D) All of the above

Electrical Question No.#14. A transmission line has 4 units of string insulators. The voltage across the bottom most
unit is 45% of the total voltage, then the string efficiency of the arrangement is
(A) 33.33% (B) 25%
(C) 66.67% (D) 55.55%

Electrical Question No.#15. A single phase two conductor line separated at a distance 1.5 m apart with radius of 2 cm
each, produce a self-inductance of
(A) 1.83 mH/kM (B) l.l mH/kM
(C) 2.81 mH/kM (D) 0.828 mH/kM

Electrical Engineering Multiple Choice Solved Questions

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