Current Affairs GK Questions with Answer Dec 21

Current Affairs GK Questions with Answer Dec 21

Current Affairs GK Questions with Answer 1 to 5

1.Who is the Fund Manager of the SWAMIH Fund?

[A]SBI Cap

[B]  Aditya Birla Sun Life

[C]Canara Robeco

[D] Kotak Mahindra

Correct Answer: A [SBI Cap]

2.Which institution released a report titled ‘The Road from Paris: India’s Progress Towards its Climate Pledge’?

[A] NITI Aayog

[B] Natural Resources Defense Council



Correct Answer: B [Natural Resources Defense Council]

3.Which institution convened the ‘Pune Dialogue on National Security (PDNS) 2021’?

[A] NITI Aayog

[B] Home Affairs Ministry

[C] Pune International Centre


Correct Answer: C [Pune International Centre]

4.National Formulary of India (NFI), which was recently launched, was drafted by which institution?

[A] Indian Medical Association

[B] Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission


[D] Indian Council for Medical Research

Correct Answer: B [Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission]

Current Affairs GK Questions with Answer Dec 21

5.Which Indian state has topped the Public Affairs Index (PAI 2021)?

[A] Tamil Nadu

[B] Gujarat

[C] Telangana

[D] Kerala

Correct Answer: D [Kerala]

Current Affairs GK Questions with Answer Dec 21- 6 to 10

6.Which institution releases the periodic Greenhouse gas (GHG) bulletin?

[A] NITI Aayog

[B] World Meteorological Organisation

[C] Food and Agricultural Organisation


Correct Answer: B [World Meteorological Organisation]

7.Who is the Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Economic advisory council (EAC-PM)?

[A] T T Ram Mohan

[B] Rakesh Mohan

[C] Poonam Gupta

[D] Bibek Debroy

Correct Answer: D [Bibek Debroy]

8.Which Union Ministry launched the ‘Deep Dive Online Training program’?

[A] Ministry of Finance

[B] Ministry of Electronics and IT

[C] Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

[D] Ministry of Rural Development

Correct Answer: B [Ministry of Electronics and IT]

9.Cook Strait, which was seen in the news, recently is located in which country?

[A] France

[B] UK

[C] Australia

[D] New Zealand

Correct Answer: D [New Zealand]

10.Which Indian state is set to commence the census of Indus river dolphins?

[A] West Bengal

[B] Haryana

[C] Punjab

[D] Bihar

Correct Answer: C [Punjab]


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