ANM Question Paper Pdf free download

ANM Question Paper Pdf free download

ANM Questions – Total No Questions -120 Questions

ANM QUESTION PAPER Question Sl. No. 41 to 45 (Part-1)

41. Which is CONTRARY to the principles in planning a home visit?
A. A home visit should have a purpose of objective
B. The plan should revolve around the family health .needs
C. A home visit should be conducted in the manner prescribed by RHU
D. Planning of continuing care should involve a responsible-family member

42. The PHN bag is an important tool in providing nursing care during a home visit. The most important principle in bag technique states that it;

A. Should save time and effort
B. Should minimize if not totally prevent the spread of infection
C. Should not overshadow concern for the patient and his family
D. May be done in variety of ways depending on the home situation, etc.

ANM Question Paper Pdf free download
ANM Question Paper Pdf free download

43. To maintain the cleanliness of the bag and its contents, which of the following must the nurse do?

A. Wash his/her hands before and after providing nursing care to the family members
B. In the care of family member’s, as much as possible, use only articles taken from the bag
C. Put on an apron to protect her uniform and fold it with the right side out before putting it back into the bag.
D. At the end of the visit, fold the lining on which the bag was placed, ensuring that the contaminated side is on the outside.

44. The public health conducts a study on the factors contributing to the high morality rate due to heart diseases in the municipality where she works. Which branch of epidemiology does the nurse practice in this situation?