ANM Question Paper Pdf free download

ANM Question Paper Pdf free download

ANM Questions – Total No Questions -120 Questions

ANM QUESTION PAPER Question Sl. No. 41 to 45 (Part-1)

41. Which is CONTRARY to the principles in planning a home visit?
A. A home visit should have a purpose of objective
B. The plan should revolve around the family health .needs
C. A home visit should be conducted in the manner prescribed by RHU
D. Planning of continuing care should involve a responsible-family member

42. The PHN bag is an important tool in providing nursing care during a home visit. The most important principle in bag technique states that it;

A. Should save time and effort
B. Should minimize if not totally prevent the spread of infection
C. Should not overshadow concern for the patient and his family
D. May be done in variety of ways depending on the home situation, etc.

ANM Question Paper Pdf free download
ANM Question Paper Pdf free download

43. To maintain the cleanliness of the bag and its contents, which of the following must the nurse do?

A. Wash his/her hands before and after providing nursing care to the family members
B. In the care of family member’s, as much as possible, use only articles taken from the bag
C. Put on an apron to protect her uniform and fold it with the right side out before putting it back into the bag.
D. At the end of the visit, fold the lining on which the bag was placed, ensuring that the contaminated side is on the outside.

44. The public health conducts a study on the factors contributing to the high morality rate due to heart diseases in the municipality where she works. Which branch of epidemiology does the nurse practice in this situation?

A. Descriptive
B. Analytical
C. Therapeutic
D. Evaluation

ANM QUESTION PAPER Question Sl. No. 46 to 50 (Part-2)

45. Which of the following is a function of epidemiology?

A. Identifying the disease condition based on manifestations presented by a client

B. Determining factors that contributed to the occurrence of pneumonia in a 3 year old
C. Determining the efficacy of the antibiotic used in the treatment of the 3 year old client with pneumonia
D. Evaluating the effectiveness of the implementation of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness

46. Which of the following is an epidemiologic function of the nurse during an epidemic?

A Conducting assessment of suspected cases to detect the communicable diseases
B. Monitoring the condition of the cases affected by the communicable disease
C. Participating in the investigation to determine the source of epidemic
D. Teaching the community on preventive measures against the disease

47. The primary purpose of conducting an epidemiologic investigation is to;

A. Delineate the etiology of the epidemic
B. Encourage cooperation and support of the community
C. Identify groups who are at risk of contracting the disease
D. Identify geographical location of cases of the disease in the community

48. Which is a characteristic of person-to-person propagated epidemic?

A. There are more cases of the disease than expected
B. The disease must necessarily be transmitted through a vector
C. The spread of the disease can be attributed to a common vehicle
D. There is gradual build up of cases before we epidemic becomes easily noticeable

49. In the investigation of an epidemic, you compare the present frequency of the disease with the usual frequency at this time of the year in this community. This is done during which stage of the investigation?

A. Establishing the epidemic
B. Testing the hypothesis
C. Formulation of the hypothesis
D. Appraisal of facts

50. The number of cases of Dengue fever usually increases towards the end of the rainy season. This pattern of occurrence of Dengue fever is best described as;

A. Epidemic occurrence
B. Cyclical variation
C. Sporadic occurrence
D. Secular occurrence

ANM Nursing QUESTION PAPER Question Sl. No. 51 to 55 (Part-3)


51. In the year 1980, the World Health Organization declared the Philippines, together with some other countries in the Western Pacific Region, “free” of which disease?

A. Pneumonic plaque
B. Poliomyelitis
C. Small pox
D. Anthrax

52. In the census of the Philippines in 1995, there were about 35,299,000 males and about 34,968,000 females. What is the sex ratio?

A. 99.06:100
B. 100.94:100
C. 50.23%
D. 49.76%

53. Primary health care is a total approach to community development. Which of the following is an indicator of success in the use of the primary health care approach?

A. Health services are provided free of charge to individuals and families
B. Local officials are empowered as the major decision makers in matters of health
C. Health workers are able too provide care based on identified health needs of the people
D. Health programs are sustained according to the level of development of the community

54. Sputum examination is the major screening tool for pulmonary tuberculosis. Clients would sometimes get false negative results in this exam. This means that the test is not perfect in terms of which characteristic of a diagnostic examination?

A. Effectiveness
B. Efficacy
C. Specificity
D. Sensitivity

55. Use of appropriate technology requires knowledge of indigenous technology. Which medical herb is given for fever, headache and cough?

A. Sambong
B. Tsaang gubat
C. Akapulko
D. Lagundi

ANM QUESTION PAPER Question Sl. No. 56 to 60 (Part-4)

56. What law created the Philippine institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care?

A. RA 8483
B. RA4823

C. RA 2483
D. RA 3482

57. In traditional Chinese medicine, the yielding, negative and feminine force is termed:

A. Yin
B. Yang
C. Qi
D. Chai

58. What is the legal basis of Primary Health Care approach in the Philippines?

A. Alma Ata Declaration of PHC
B. Letter of Instruction No 949
C. Presidential Decree No. 147
D. Presidential Decree 996

59. Which of the following demonstrates inter-sectoral linkages?

A. Two-way referral system
B. Team approach
C. Endorsement done by a midwife to another midwife
D. Cooperation between PHN and public school teacher

60. Which biological used in EPI is stored in the freezer?

B. Tetanus toxoid
C. Measles vaccine
D. Hepatitis B vaccine

ANM QUESTION PAPER Question Sl. No. 61 to 65 (Part-5)

61. Estimate the number of pregnant women who will be given tetanus toxoid during an immunization outreach activity in a barangay with a population of about 1,500.

A. 265
B. 300
C. 375
D. 400

62. To describe the sex composition of the population, which demographic tool may be used?

A. Sex ratio
B. Sex proportion
C. Population pyramid
D. Any of these maybe used

63. Which of the following is a natality rate?

A. Crude birth rate
B. Neonatal mortality rate
C. Infant mortality rate
D. General fertility rate

64. You are computing the crude rate of your municipality, with a total population o about 18,000 for last year. There were 94 deaths. Among those who died, 20 died because of diseases of the heart and 32 were aged 50 years or older. What is the crude death rate?

A. 4.1/1000
B. 5.2/1000
C. 6.3/1000

D. 7.3/1000

65. Knowing that malnutrition is a frequent community health problem, you decided to conduct nutritional assessment. What population is particularly susceptible to protein energy malnutrition (PEM)?

A. Pregnant women and the elderly
B. Under 5 year old children
C. 1-4 year old children
D. School age children


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