Karnataka PDO Exam Model Questions 2023

The PDO- Panchayath Development Officer Recruitment Examination will be conducted in the year 2023. The Recruitment Notification will be released soon. here we published some Model PDO Exam Questions in English language. Refer Kannada GK Questions also for preparring PDO Exam

1. Alluvial soils are mainly found in
A:-Thar Desert
B:-Plains of Northern India
C:-Deccan Plateau
D:-Chota Nagpur region

Answer:-  B:-Plains of Northern India

2.Who is the author of the famous work ‘Why Socialism’ ?
A:-S.M. Joshi
B:-Ashok Metha
C:-Jayaprakash Narayan

D:-B.K. Dutt

3. What is the percentage of population in India below the age of 19 as per the 2011 census?

Answer:- D:-41

4. “Kudhai Kitmatgar” an army was formed by
A:-Subash Chandra Bose
B:-Khan Abdul Gaffer Khan
C:-V.D. Savarkkar
D:-Bhagath Singh

Answer:- B:-Khan Abdul Gaffer Khan

Answer:-  C:-Jayaprakash Narayan

5. Iron-ore mine in Karnataka

Answer:-  A:-Kudhrimukh

PDO QUESTION PAPER PAGE NO. 11-14- General Kannada

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