Top 18 Civil Foreman Interview Questions

Top 18 Civil Foreman Interview Questions

Civil Foreman Interview in brief

Civil Foremans are the Frontline worker/Staff in a Civil Cnstruction field. The majority of companies hire a highly experienced individual for this Civil Foreman position, therefore, If you want to pass the civil foreman interview on the first attempt, you need to prepare accordingly.
Many people think that the Civil foremans required in the construction site only, there are various types of entities where foreman positions have existed including
Construction site as In-charge of construction workers, Ranch foreman as Manager of the Ranches, Railroad track foreman as The in-charge of the railroad crew and Jury foreman as a head juror.

Civil Foreman Interview Questions

The following questions are most likely to be asked while interview a civil foreman for construction sites. Only few companies ask high level questions to civil foreman what they ask for Civil Engineers.
Top 18 Civil Foreman Interview Questions

Important Civil Foreman Interview Questions list

1) Tell me about yourself and your experience in civil construction? This is the comon Question which is asked in most of the interviews in the begining
2) The best procedure of work and what step must be taken by the supervisor before starting work?
3) Why did you choose civil field after your academic qualification rather than continuing you education?
4) Are you ready to handle a position of site Engineer?
5) Describe a situation where people didn’t like you what did you do?
6) What are the safety measures you should take in your site to prevent incidents?
7) If there is a Emergency in your working area, whom you contact first?
8) Will you quit the company if can’t solve a personal problem?
9) how do you rate safety as an important part of the production?
10) Where did you work as Civil Foreman?
11) Are you interested to Diploma/ BE in civil Engineering?
12) What are the main reasons of building collapse?
13) What are the key responsibilities of a civil foreman in construction site?
14)Why tool box talk is necessary every day before starting work?
15) What is Height work permit?, Who issue permit to labours?
16) What all safety Measeures may be taken in construction sites to prevent material fall from height.t
17) Do you know how to give a First Aid for a person fall from 15 feet height with head Inury/Unconscious.
18) Did you took any preventive actions to prevent vector borne diseases in construction site due to water stagnation and Mosquito breeding.
And also they may ask questions related to your previous experience and measurement skills

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