English Language Teacher Recruitment Model Question paper

English Language Teacher Recruitment Model Question paper



English Language Teacher Recruitment Model Question paper

Question Number 01 to 50 carry 1 mark each:
Choose the most appropriate options for questions 1 to 10, to complete the
sentences meaningfully:
1. Inspite of the doctor’s warning, he paid _____________ attention to his
1. a little
2. a few
3. little
4. some
2. My neighbour has _____________ bungalow.
1. a large beautiful furnished
2. a beautiful large furnished
3. a large furnished beautiful
4. a furnished large beautiful
3. Jane has been in Finland _____ Monday.
English Language Teacher Recruitment Model Question paper
1. for
2. since
3. till
4. on
4. A : Have you ever been abroad?
B: ___________________
1. No, I haven’t
2. Yes, I haven’t
3. No, I have.
4. No, I have been.
5. Arun _________ for a swim everyday in the evening.
1. had gone
2. has gone
3. goes
4. went

6. Mrs. Abhinandan longed ________ from her husband when he was in
1. to hear
2. hearing
3. to be heard
4. hear
7. The performance of the students ____________ upto the mark.
1. are
2. is
3. were
4. have
8. A tree is a tree ______________ there may be no flowers on it.
1. although
2. if
3. whether
4. because
9. Let us play now, __________
1. can’t we?
2. can we?
3. could we?
4. shall we?
10. Sudha : ____________ does Professor John go to the Ministry of Education
Suhana : At least once a month.
1. How often
2. How much
3. How long
4. How many
11. He said to them, “Don’t make a noise”. He asked them___________
1. not to make a noise.
2. to not make a noise.
3. don’t make a noise.
4. to not to make a noise.

12. ‘Ram is married. Kala is married’.
These sentences can be appropriately combined as
1. Both Ram and Kala are married.
2. Ram married Kala.
3. Ram and Kala married each other.
4. Ram and Kala married themselves.
13. Complete the analogy:
direct: indirect :: employed: __________
1. misemployed
2. unemployed
3. dis employed
4. in employed
14. Alas I broke the jug.
One important punctuation mark is missing in the given sentence.
The suitable punctuation mark is
1. colon (:)
2. Question mark (?)
3. Exclamatory mark (!)
4. Full Stop (.)
15. My brotherinlaws / who live in Bombay / have come / to stay with me.
a b c d
The error in the above sentence is found in
1. c
2. a
3. d
4. b
16. ‘Where I live does not concern you’.
The above sentence is an example of
1. Imperative sentence
2. Exclamatory sentence
3. Assertive sentence
4. Interrogative sentence
17. Brutus was _________ honourable man but ______ council voted to kill
1. the , the
2. a, the
3. an, the
4. a, a

18. ‘Man has to encounter many hardships in life’.
The nearest meaning to the underlined word is
1. bare
2. solve
3. overcome
4. face
19. The word opposite in meaning to ‘Kindle’ is
1. ignite
2. ignore
3. encourage
4. extinguish
20. ‘Antony turned a deaf ear to my advice.’
The correct alternative which gives the correct meaning of the underlined
idiom in the above sentence is
1. disregarded
2. disputed
3. heeded
4. remembered
21. ‘When you come across a difficult word, __________ in the dictionary.’
The most suitable phrasal verb to be filled in the blank is
1. look it over
2. look it up
3. look it through
4. look it in
22. ‘A story in verse’ is
1. Sonnet
2. Ode
3. Ballad
4. Elegy
23. He passed _________ the tunnel at lighting speed.
The correct word to be used in the blank is
1. throw
2. through
3. though
4. trough
24. The wrongly spelt word is
1. designation
2. amature
3. perceive
4. achieve

25. ‘We haven’t been able to formulate a ___________ plan even after much
The best suitable word to complete the sentence is
1. sure
2. certain
3. deliberate
4. definite
26. ‘He talks as if he _________ a fool.’
The most effective word that completes the sentence is
1. is
2. was
3. will be
4. has been
27. The sentence that is not related to the other three is
1. Payments and receipts
2. Do not use mobiles
3. Baby on board
4. Check cash before leaving the counter.
28. ‘I ate ___________ as I wasn’t hungry.’
The best word that completes the statement is
1. everything
2. nothing
3. something
4. anything
29. ‘The match was ______ exciting.
The correct adverb to be used to complete the sentence is
1. much
2. more
3. very
4. lot
30. Complete the analogy:
depth : deep :: strength : ____________
1. strongly
2. strengthen
3. strung
4. strong

31. The transcription of ‘mistaken’ is
1. m i ʃ ʈ ᴂ ka n
2. m I ː s t e ikən
3. mist kən
4. misteikən
32. The word that does not collocate with ‘disappointed’ is
1. strongly
2. bitterly
3. extremely
4. happily
33. ‘Ibrahim is a sheep.’
The figure of speech in the given sentence is
1. Metaphor
2. Simile
3. Pun
4. Irony
34. A polysyllabic word is
1. circumambulation
2. measurement
3. signature
4. advancement

35. A : I do not want to sign the papers.
B : You have no option. You _________ sign the papers.
The correct word phrase to complete the sentence is.
1. need to
2. dare to
3. may
4. might
36. ‘Coromandel, Fishers’ is a poem written by
1. Rabindranath Tagore
2. Toru Dutt
3. Sarojini Naidu
4. A K Ramanujam
37. The correct set of rhyming words is
1. liar, pair, pear, pare
2. air, heir, snare, fair
3. blast, caste, taste, last
4. put, but, cut, shut

64. ‘She was taught English by him.’
Rewrite the given sentence changing the voice of the verb.
65. Since our son Wasim’s birth we knew something is different about him.
Friend differed with us.’
Identify the mistakes in the given lines and rewrite the the corrected
66. Read the given passage and match the words from the passage with their
The boy was idling in the market place on the look out for
All at once he saw it beckoning him. All children like scrambling up to high
places to see if the world looks any different from an apple tree or a stable
Michael had a longing to do things that he had never done before
i) idling Space below the roof of a house
ii) beckoning without work
iii) loft wanting
iv)longing signalling to move nearer
67. Frame meaningful sentences using the word ‘brush’ both as a noun and a
68. Complete the commonly known proverbs
(i) Too many cooks __________
(ii) Slow and steady ________________
Qurestion Number 6976 carry 3 marks each:
69. You are Suguna / Suhail, the secretary of Arts club of North Delhi school.
are organizing a painting competition. Write a notice informing the students
about the same using the hints given below in not more than 3050 words.
Hints : Participants : Class VI IX
Date : 6th June 2019
Time : 10 am to 1.00 pm
Venue : School auditorium

70. One word has been omitted in each line of the given passage. Write the
word along with the word that comes before and the one that comes after it.
first and the last one are done for you
Before Missing After
It been rightly by said that It has been
the choice of books is important _____ ______ _______
as the choice friends. Books that ______ ______ ______
are selected friends of a life time ______ ______ _____
Though it is not possible read possible to read
all books.
71. Two students are discussing with their English teacher in the school
They have lot of good things to say about him. Write a conversation
them in 3 to 4 exchanges.
72. Write a paragraph on Florence Nightingale using the profile
1820 born to wealthy English parents.
1854 Crimean war broke out; she led three dozen nurses to serve British
military hospital.
1856 War ends, returns to London
1883 awarded Royal Red Cross by Queen Victoria.
1907 first woman to receive order of Merit.
73.Rearrange the sentences in a proper sequence to make it a readable story.
She then, went to Koumelmar to seek protection for the child.
She placed the child in the safe hands of the governor. Thus saving the life
of the sovereign of their clan.
Bunbir, the child’s uncle was then appointed Regent to carry on the
government of chittore.
Rana Sanga of the Rajput Royalty left behind him a child to succeed him
on the throne
When Panna, the child’s nurse heard of this, she decided to save Uday
Singh by replacing him with her own child
After a time, he attempted to usurp the throne and plotted the murder of
the child king Uday Singh

74. Write a short Paragraph beginning with ‘If I were a bird _________’ in
more than 50 words.
76. Read the telephonic conversation between Mr. Sharma and Mr. Gupta.
Write Mr.Gupta’s message to Mr. Kulkarni in about 30 words. put the
message in a box.
Mr. Sharma : Can I speak to Mr. Kulkarni?
Mr. Gupta : He is not in office can I take the message?
Mr. Sharma : I am Mr. Sharma. All the books supplied by your
house were delivered. But a few of them were defective.
Please ask him if they’ll be replaced.
Mr. Gupta : I’ll inform him when he comes back to office.
Mr. Sharma : Thank you.
Question Number 7780 carry 5 marks each:
77. You are Aparupa / Abhinav living at #1092, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru
560010. Write a letter to the Assistant Director, Department of Tourism,
Dehradun asking for detailed information and a printed brochure
regarding important places to be seen in and around Dehradun and
information about the place of stay in Dehradun in 80 words.

78. Complete the following paragraph in about 80 words. The opening and
closing lines are given.
It was a dark gloomy night, when we heard a loud knock on the
in the middle of the night
I can never forget that incident in my life.
79. . You are Roshan / Roshni, living at #682, Sahakaranagar, Bengaluru.
You have received an unsatisfactory report of your brother Samanth,
studying in a hostel. Write an email to him in about 80 words advising him
to work sincerely for the annual examination.
80. Read the passage and answer the questions that follow:
The Chilka lake in Orissa is Asia’s largest inland saltwater lagoon.
Studded with small islands including the picturesquely named Honeymoon
Island and Breakfast Island, the lake is separated from the Bay of Bengal by a
sandy ridge. The pear shaped lake spreads across 1,100 sq. km and has a
unique ecosystem with a range of aquatic flora and fauna found in and around
its brackish waters.
An impressive array of bird life, both native and migrant makes Chilka
one of the best, places in India. It hosts white bellied sea eagles, graylag geese
and purple moorhen. Chilka, in fact is home to one of the world’s largest
breeding colonies of flamingos.
Other than the birds, Chilka’s shores are home to black buck, spotted deer,
golden jackals and hyenas. The lake is rich in aquatic life. Its waters harbour
around 160 species of fish, crustaceans and other marine creatures, including
the famous Chilka dolphins.
i. Why is Chilka famous all over Asia?
ii. Why is Chilka lake known to have a rich aquatic life?
iii. Pick the word which means ‘wanderer’.
iv. Chilka lake hosts the world’s largest breeding colonies of ___________.
v. Which are the two popular and beautiful islands in Chilka lake?

Question Number 81 & 82 carry 10 marks each:
81. While on a trekking trip you stumble upon a deserted house. It is known as a
haunted house and people avoid visiting it even in broad daylight. However, the
thrill of adventure inspires you and your friends to explore the mystery of the
haunted house. Write a story in about 120 words describing what you
discovered and how you and your friends reacted to the situation.
Study the picture given below. Write an account of what it suggests to you in
about 120 words. There must be a clear connection between the picture and
your composition.
82. Write an essay of about 120 words on the topic “ Mobiles make smart
but poor readers”.
You visited a Blind School along with your father who was invited as a
Chief Guest to their Annual Day Celebrations. Make a dairy entry for 6th April
2019 in about 120 words recording your experience.

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