Safety Officer Assistant Recruitment Interview Questions

Safety Officer Assistant Recruitment Interview Questions

The common interview Questions asked during interview of Safety officer/ Safety Manager in India and abroad are published earlier, today we published here some simple questions asked during Safety Officer Assistant Recruitment

Q # 1. What is an accident?

Q # 2. what is the minimum width required for a walk-way?

Q # 3. What is waste management?

Q # 4. What are the requirements for a crane lifting?

Q # 5. What is a excavation?

Q # 6. Why Colour coding is required? Who can color code?

Q # 7. What is a guard rail system?

Q # 8. Who make an accident report?

Q # 9. What are the benefits of near miss reporting?

Safety Officer Assistant Recruitment Interview Questions

Q # 10. What is Confined Space/ What are the duties of a confined space attendant?, Name one hazardous job in a Confined Space?

Q # 11. What is Work Permit System. What is the use of Work Permit?

Q #  12. Why Safety walk through with Engineers/ Site Incharges is required?

Q # 13. What is LTI- Lost Time Incident.

Q # 14. Who can erect a scaffolding.  and Who can inspect the components used for erecting a scaffold?

Q # 15. What is First Aid. Who can do the First Aid?

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All the Above questions are the most commonly asked Safety Officer, Safety Manager, Safety Assistant/ Steward Interview Questions. The Answers available for the above questions at

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