Spardha Vijetha GK Questions for All Competitive Exams

Spardha Vijetha GK Questions for All Competitive Exams

1.When is the ‘Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare’ observed every year?

[A] November 28

[B] December 4

[C] December 2

[D] November 30

Correct Answer: D [November 30]

2.Central Electronics Ltd (CEL), which is set to be divested, is a CPSE under which Union Ministry?

[A] Ministry of Electronics and IT

[B] Ministry of Science and Technology

[C] Ministry of Power

[D] Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

Correct Answer: B [Ministry of Science and Technology]

3.Alipore Zoological Garden, which was making news, is located in which Indian state/UT?

[A] West Bengal

[B] Bihar

[C] Madhya Pradesh

[D] Uttar Pradesh

Correct Answer: A [West Bengal]

4.Which institution signed a $ 250 million loan with India to support the National Industrial Corridor Development Program (NICDP)?



[C]  IMF

[D] BRICS Bank

Correct Answer: A [ADB]

5.Who has been appointed as the Chairman of India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC)?

[A] Lal Singh Arya

[B]  Jamal Siddiqui

[C] Subramanian Swami

[D] Sambit Patra

Correct Answer: D [Sambit Patra]

Spardha Vijetha GK Questions for All Competitive Exams

6.Who is the author of the book “Naoroji: Pioneer of Indian Nationalism”?

[A] Dinyar Patel

[B] Milan Vaishnav

[C] Ornit Shani

[D] Jairam Ramesh

Correct Answer: A [Dinyar Patel]

7.’SRESHTA’ scheme is set to be launched by which Union Ministry?

[A]Ministry of Minority Affairs

[B] Ministry of Tribal Affairs

[C] Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

[D] Ministry of Education

Correct Answer: C [Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment]

8.What is the name of India’s first biometrics-based digital processing system in Airports?

[A] Tech Yatra

[B] Digi Boarding

[C] Techno Boarding

[D] Digi Yatra

Correct Answer: D [Digi Yatra]

9.Which Indian-born economist is to be appointed as the first Deputy Managing Director of IMF?

[A] Raghuram Rajan

[B] Gita Gopinath

[C] Usha Thorat

[D] Urjit Patel

Correct Answer: B [Gita Gopinath]

10.‘Nizamuddin Basti’ is a conservation project based at which Indian state/UT?

[A] Uttar Pradesh

[B] Bihar

[C] New Delhi

[D] Jammu and Kashmir

Correct Answer: C [New Delhi]

Spardha Vijetha GK Correct Answers

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