Civil Site and Mechanical Site Safety Officer Interview Questions

Safety officers are recruited in civil construction, Mechanical Construction sites. The interview questions may vary in different fields. While interviewing a safety officer in Mechanical construction company like Onshore Constructions, EMCOR Group etc. they ask relevant questions to Mechanical field and when interviewing a safety officer/Manager in Civil Construction Companies like Shoba Construcitons, CCL, Mfar Constructions, L&T Constructions, K2K, D3 Constructions etc. they preferably ask questions related to safety in civil construction sites.

The Questions may be asked in Civil Construction sites are as follows
1) What is safety
2) What is Hazard
3) What all precautions to be taken while excavating more than 15 feet depth in Narrow area.
4) How can you prevent Accidents
5) Why should you issue Height Work Permit
6) Have you ever worked in Civil Construction site
7) What is the qualifications required to work in a construction site as a safety officer.
8) Why did you choose this field?

Civil Site and Mechanical Site Safety Officer Interview Questions

9) Are ready to work in abroad as a Safety officer, if we offer a chance in our company?
10) Have ever seen a Safety officer giving CPR to dying Person?
11) Why CPR is given when a person is not breathing and Pulse in absent?
12) What is the Qualifications required to be First Aider in Construction Site?
13) Who can give First Aid training to a Candidate?
14) What is the First step taken when a Ongoing Concrete slab Collapse?

The Questions may be asked in Mechanical Construction sites are as follows
1) Do you have Experience in Mechanical Construction Field?
2) Why did you choose Mechanical Field as a safety officer?
3) What all are the Mechanical Hazards?
4) What is Noise?
5) What all are the Precautions for Welding?
6) What all are the causes of Accidents in Mechanical Handling?
7) What type of Fire Extinguisher can be used to remove Fire in Diesel Yard?

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