Electrical Engineering Solved Question Paper

Electrical Engineering – Solved Question Paper*

The Electrical Engineers Recruitment Examination Question Answers published here on demand of Electrical Engineers attending upcoming Engineers Recruitment Examination conducted by Government of India

Q.No #1. In force-voltage analogy, velocity is analogous to

(a) current

(b) charge

(c) inductance

(d) capacitance

Ans: a

Q.No #2. The term backlash is associated with

(a) servomotors

(b) induction relays

(c) gear trains

(d) any of the above


Q.No #3. By which of the following the system response can be tested better ?

(a) Ramp input signal

(b) Sinusoidal input signal

(c) Unit impulse input signal

(d) Exponentially decaying signal

Ans: c

Q.No #4. Hydraulic torque transmission system is analog of

(a) amplidyne set

(b) resistance-capacitance parallel circuit

(c) motor-generator set

(d) any of the above


Q.No #5. Static error co-efficients are used as a measure of the effectiveness of closed loop

systems for specified ________ input signal.

(a) acceleration

(b) velocity

(c) position

(d) all of the above

Ans: d

Q.No #6. In case of type-1 system steady state acceleration is

(a) unity

(b) infinity

(c) zero

(d) 10

Ans: b

Q.No #7. Which of the following can be measured by the use of a tacho-generator ?

(a) Acceleration

(b) Speed

(c) Speed and acceleration

(d) Displacement

(e) None of the above

Ans: b

Q.No #8. In pneumatic control systems the control valve used as final control element


(a) pressure signal to electric signal

(b) pressure signal to position change

(c) electric signal to pressure signal

(d) position change to pressure signal

(e) none of the above

Ans: b

Q.No #9. The transfer function technique is considered as inadequate under which of the

following conditions ? (a) Systems having complexities and non-linearities

(b) Systems having stability problems

(c) Systems having multiple input dis¬turbances

(d) All of the above

Ans: d

Q.No #10 . The first order control system, which is well designed, has a

(a) small bandwidth

(b) negative time constant

(c) large negative transfer function pole

(d) none of the above

Ans: c

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